Photo of the week

Shot By Tra'Juan White


Artist Of The Month


The photos to the left drawn by artist "Donnie Evans" are few of many exceptional pieces from his collection.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Donnie about his work.  

-Q1: When did you first discover that you where more than an artist? And how long have you been doing this craft? 

-A1:  "When I was younger I used to trace. Then I started drawing without tracing and became good at it. I've been drawing since i was 5.

-Q2: What inspires you to make this art? 

-A2: Other artist that's better than me. I study Picasso & how i can be better than him. 

-Q3: What was your reaction & how did you feel when "Big Sean" re-posted your portrait of him? 

-A3: Excited didn't think he would do it because it's a lot of people that hit him up about posting their work. 


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